May 5, 2011

Crank- Book Review has always been a good girl, until the summer before her senior year. While visiting her dad that she hasn't seen in ages Kristina starts to take on a new personality of Bree. Bree is everything that Kristina's not she's flirty, wild, bold. Bree soon get caught up in a world of parties and romance and gets addicted to crystal meth otherwise know as Crank. Even after she returns home with her family Bree/Kristina continues her addiction. Bree's addiction gets up to the point where she does crazy thing and puts herself in dangerous situations to get her Crank. 

Author Ellen Hopkins’ use of free verse poetry pushes the plot forward, creating a sense of urgency that mirrors Kristina’s growing need for crank. Ellen Hopkins also makes a point to write about the effects of meth and what a person doing meth feels like when they've hit HIGH and when they've hit low. 

This 500 page read only took me two days to read because of the fun free verse styling and attention grabbing plot. I would definitely give this book five stars. ★★★★★


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