April 18, 2011

Do You Heart Boobies?

Teens all around the world (male and female) are wearing these fashionable plastic bracelets that say I Heart Boobies and (Keep A Breast). These bracelets have sold millions over the past two years. Teens love them, especially the ones who've had a family member die from Cancer but many school faculty members hate these bracelets and claim their "inappropriate and offensive. This has caused a huge controversy in schools everywhere. 

 In California a high school
 sophomore, Cooper got suspended for wearing an I Heart Boobies Bracelet. He claimed he's wore his bracelet since the first day of school after his mother gave it to him from the doctor's office. Five months before that he wore the pink survivor bracelet. After months and months went by school faculty noticed Cooper's black I Heart Boobies bracelet and asked him to remove the bracelet. "I'm wearing it in honor of my grandmother." said Cooper who's grandmother died of cancer before he was born. "I don't see it as an offensive thing at all." These bracelets also have other slogans on them such as "save the ta-tas" or "breast cancer kills"
In my opinion, these bracelets really aren't very bad at all. I for one know many many many people with cancer. My neighbor, great-grandparents and more. For some, these bracelets have great meaning behind them and kids should be to wear these in school to show support and awareness for Breast Cancer. Kids are people too, we should be able to speak our mind and make a fashion statement as adults do. I think I speak for most of the teen population when I say we heart boobies!! 

April 9, 2011

Seeing The World In A New Way

Sometimes I stare down at my paint, mix them around, and wonder....what's art? When people talk about art they usually think painting, pastels, drawing, etc. but really, art is always around us. An eye is a part of our body that most of us constantly take for granted. While we go about our days using are eyes we lack seeing how beautiful an eye really is. We forget how many shapes and details and colors and are in each an every one of our eyes and how a simple eye structure can make you so different and unique from others. I believe anything can be beautiful but I also believe some people are to blinded to see that.

From the time I was young I've always known that I've had a different perspective on beauty. When I was about nine years old I used to draw pictures and I remember that I had my own special way of doing them. I'd draw shapes without picking up my pencil and it'd look like a big blog of nothing. But, when I added a few more shapes and drew faces it looked like an animal or object. Whatever I envisioned the blob as, it became. Little did I know that I proved that little unimportant things such as my scribble can be art. In a way you can compare this to a flower. Sometimes their small and tiny petals seem to be forgotten but their bright, unique colors are unlike any other.

During my teen years I encountered another situation that once again showed me how different my perspective on art was from others. I was in art class looking for some kind of a project to do because we had a free day. In the back of the class I saw a Special Ed class's picture of rain drops with a background filled with water color paint. Only one thing particular stood out. The raindrops. They were outlined in glue and gave a nice effect to the picture. Though it was a bit sloppy it didn't matter I absolutely loved it! Then, (let's call her) Jamie came up to me and asked me what it was. After explaining she stared for a second and turned away and said "Oh, well that just looks stupid!" She walked away while I stood, staring in disbelief that anyone could even think that way.

Art means different thing to everyone but to me, Art isn't about being like everybody else it's about being different. It's not about making things perfect measurements or exact proportions. It's a way of expressing what YOU have to say in a different way. Art is more than just paint and pencils, it's about realizing the little details in someone or something that you've never saw before. It's about seeing the world in a new way.

The Joys Of Being A Teen

Hi readers!
Today is my cousin, Maddy's birthday. She's turning thirteen today and this reminded me of how it felt five months ago when I turned thirteen.When your thirteen, lots of things change.

First, your now a teenager! Not a tween or a pre-teen or a pre-tween or any other stupid name that people call you if your not a teenager because really, when people call you any of those names it just reminds you that your still not a teen.

Secondly, you can watch PG-13 legally! Ok, the PG-13 rule is like the rule about waiting an hour before going into a pool after you eat. It's not very enforced and nobody follows it. Even though a lot of us have already watched a PG-13 movie before we turned thirteen, it's still pretty cool to be of legal age to do something.

Lastly, you can be care-free! Being a teen you can live totally care-free you can make mistakes and learn from them. You can stay up all night because you don't have a job. You can learn who you are and who you want to become.

April 8, 2011

That Girl

In the year 2004 I was a kindergarden graduate. After graduating, my class had a picnic at a park where family and friends of the graduate could join. All the kids played but I (being a normal five year old girl) chased boys and this boy I chased got away pretty easily because his cousin was with him. After that incident let's just say I wasn't a big fan of that girl. Soon after the graduation my memories of the girl soon fled from my mind until the first day of first grade. I pranced into the doors of my first grade classroom ready for a fresh start when BAM! the girl was right across the hall. I stared and stared and stared. I swore I knew her from somewhere. She stared back with a mean look of disgust. Whatever that look meant I didn't care I was determined. I constantly talked to her at recess or whenever I could. Even though she didn't look like she could even stand being in the same room as me.

 First grade went by then second and third. By fourth grade we were inseparable. We would have sleepovers whenever we could we helped each other out and had fun together we were truly Best Friends. Our similar personalities was the reason we became best friends. I learned from her, she learned from me. She taught me that people aren't always what they seem, I taught her creativity. We learned from each other and that bettered both of us.

Next year, will (most likely) be our final school year together. After graduating and picking a high school to attend we'll break off a bit and venture a little more into the "real world" We won't have lunch together or be able to exchange notes and we won't have each other to wipe or tears always but even though we may be miles and miles apart we always find each other. That's the great thing about being a best friend you always have somebody there. Whenever you need them. Though I'll miss the fun times of playing volleyball, trick-or-treating, taking pictures, doing art, laughing, blogging together, watching movies all the time, making up songs, dancing, playing, being goofy, playing sports, doing nails and eating cookies I know that in a way were both growing up and moving on to bigger and better places and meeting new people.

My best friend and I have been friends for eight years. She is one of the best people I know and though she has faults she always tries her best, in whatever she does. I love her to death and I know that even through high school, college and even parenthood we'll always find each other. Somehow, some way we'll always find each other because we were, are and will always be best friends.

April 1, 2011

What Do Your Sunglasses Say About You?

Sunglasses keep the sun out of your eyes, express your mood and they can add style to your wardrobe. They have multiple purposes but, did you know you can tell a person's personality by their sunglasses. What do your sunglasses reveal about you?

Purple Sunglasses-
These sunglasses show that the individual wearing them has their own style and opinion on things. Their not afraid to let people know what's on their mind. Their bold and unique. He/She doesn't follow others or stick to the status quo. Their good friends and always lend a helping hand to those in need. They try to be organized although that doesn't usually last for long. Though have a complicated personalities if you really get to know them they can become your best friend.

 Red Sports Wear Sunglasses-
The sunglasses indicate that the person wearing them enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, golf, fishing. They love their families and enjoy be active daily. They can be good friends but sometimes a little overly confident. Their also open for trying new things and like to take chances. They enjoy having a structured, neat life. Their not a huge fan of suprises and are very hardworkers. No matter what their doing they give it a 110% effort.

Bug Eyed Sunglasses-
This pair of sunglasses shows off the bold and unique qualities of the person wearing them. You can tell the that this person is very cheerful and upbeat and loves having fun. They respect everybody around them and always lend a helping hand. When friends need help their not always the best help but they do the best to lighten the situation. Making people laugh is their main specialty. Because of their useful talent they make great best friend material. 

Heart Shaped Sunglasses-
These sunglasses indicate that this person is a little odd in their own special way. If they like something, they wear it. They don't care what others think. Their very positive espescially in bad situations. They know were they fit it and enjoy life to it's fullest. Everyday they face a new day with a smile on their face. They don't judge people because they know it's not their place to be. Their daily life is about as predictable as a piece of art.



 Shutter Sunglasses- These sunglasses show that the customer is confident about him/her self. They are constantly looking for a challenge. They look confident but sometimes their as shy as a mouse. They always put others before them and try their best to stay organized. Their easily distracted, especially if their doing something boring. They have a huge heart that always means well.