April 9, 2011

Seeing The World In A New Way

Sometimes I stare down at my paint, mix them around, and wonder....what's art? When people talk about art they usually think painting, pastels, drawing, etc. but really, art is always around us. An eye is a part of our body that most of us constantly take for granted. While we go about our days using are eyes we lack seeing how beautiful an eye really is. We forget how many shapes and details and colors and are in each an every one of our eyes and how a simple eye structure can make you so different and unique from others. I believe anything can be beautiful but I also believe some people are to blinded to see that.

From the time I was young I've always known that I've had a different perspective on beauty. When I was about nine years old I used to draw pictures and I remember that I had my own special way of doing them. I'd draw shapes without picking up my pencil and it'd look like a big blog of nothing. But, when I added a few more shapes and drew faces it looked like an animal or object. Whatever I envisioned the blob as, it became. Little did I know that I proved that little unimportant things such as my scribble can be art. In a way you can compare this to a flower. Sometimes their small and tiny petals seem to be forgotten but their bright, unique colors are unlike any other.

During my teen years I encountered another situation that once again showed me how different my perspective on art was from others. I was in art class looking for some kind of a project to do because we had a free day. In the back of the class I saw a Special Ed class's picture of rain drops with a background filled with water color paint. Only one thing particular stood out. The raindrops. They were outlined in glue and gave a nice effect to the picture. Though it was a bit sloppy it didn't matter I absolutely loved it! Then, (let's call her) Jamie came up to me and asked me what it was. After explaining she stared for a second and turned away and said "Oh, well that just looks stupid!" She walked away while I stood, staring in disbelief that anyone could even think that way.

Art means different thing to everyone but to me, Art isn't about being like everybody else it's about being different. It's not about making things perfect measurements or exact proportions. It's a way of expressing what YOU have to say in a different way. Art is more than just paint and pencils, it's about realizing the little details in someone or something that you've never saw before. It's about seeing the world in a new way.

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