April 18, 2011

Do You Heart Boobies?

Teens all around the world (male and female) are wearing these fashionable plastic bracelets that say I Heart Boobies and (Keep A Breast). These bracelets have sold millions over the past two years. Teens love them, especially the ones who've had a family member die from Cancer but many school faculty members hate these bracelets and claim their "inappropriate and offensive. This has caused a huge controversy in schools everywhere. 

 In California a high school
 sophomore, Cooper got suspended for wearing an I Heart Boobies Bracelet. He claimed he's wore his bracelet since the first day of school after his mother gave it to him from the doctor's office. Five months before that he wore the pink survivor bracelet. After months and months went by school faculty noticed Cooper's black I Heart Boobies bracelet and asked him to remove the bracelet. "I'm wearing it in honor of my grandmother." said Cooper who's grandmother died of cancer before he was born. "I don't see it as an offensive thing at all." These bracelets also have other slogans on them such as "save the ta-tas" or "breast cancer kills"
In my opinion, these bracelets really aren't very bad at all. I for one know many many many people with cancer. My neighbor, great-grandparents and more. For some, these bracelets have great meaning behind them and kids should be to wear these in school to show support and awareness for Breast Cancer. Kids are people too, we should be able to speak our mind and make a fashion statement as adults do. I think I speak for most of the teen population when I say we heart boobies!! 

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