March 27, 2011

I Didn't Believe It Would Happen Either...

Admitting your wrong is never fun but I have to say I was wrong. In some of my earlier post I wrote that I wasn't a big fan of Vampires movies, Twilight in particular. I thought they were dull and boring when really, I had only saw two of the movies (Twilight and New Moon) and I didn't really pay attention or understand the concept of them because I didn't care. After reading Twilight and New Moon and hopefully soon Eclipse and Breaking Dawn I fell in love with the storyline. It's more than a film about a bunch of bloodsuckers it's about seeing people for who they truly are. In this series two of the closest people to Bella are not human. One is a vampire another is a werewolf. They are truly different but share one common factor, their both in love with Bella. Though Werewolves and Vampires are enemies their love for Bella is stronger than hatred which is truly inspiring. This series is NOTHING like I thought it would be. It's not just about Vampires or Werewolves it's about truly loving somebody no matter what they are. It's about making choices and living with them. It's about loving somebody up to the point where you don't care what happens to you all you care about is protecting them, and doing anything humanly possible to make them happy.

When I was around nine or ten I tried my first ribs meal. I was at a gathering with my family to celebrate a birthday. My Dad cooked ribs for everybody. They looked so gross to me, though everyone else seemed to love them. I was sitting next to my cousin while he was chopping on the ribs. Staring at his facial expressions because for those few seconds he was eating, he looked like he was in heaven. When he asked me why I wasn't eating any I told him they looked pretty nasty. He couldn't believe it. Neither could my Dad. Eventually, they convinced me to eat one and I'd bet I looked just like my cousin. To this day I still like ribs and my dad makes them every once in a while. If I wouldn't have judged something I knew so little about I would've been introduced to mouth watering ribs a long time ago. I now realize how much I was missing out on.

That moment remind me of the saying "Never judge a book by it's cover" because wheather you judge food, people, objects or even a book series that doesn't change the fact that you'll always be missing out on something. You could miss out on finding one of your true passions in life like art because you judge. You could miss out on meeting the love of your life because you judge. Judging is like walking in an circle. A circles round and when you judge somebody you don't allow yourself to be try something new so your life becomes a circle. You walk in circles, round and round. you do things, eat food and be around people you like. That lifestyle of somebody who judges everything around them is not what I'd consider a "good life."

 People who don't judge are squares. They walk in the same direction doing what they enjoy until, the get to the vertex of the square. That vertex makes the path of the square change direction. Though the square may not like whatever they try they still allow themselves the opportunity to try something new. Their life continues without judging things and allowing themselves every opportunity life has to offer. This simile remind me of the popular saying " Be there or be square." This quote is just another was of saying someones unhip or "not with it."

Were all guilty of judging somebody in one way or another wheather it's from their appearance or for the decisions they make no matter what it is, it's wrong. A straight forward definition of judging is forming an opinion or conclusion about someone or something without knowing it well enough to draw realistic conclusions. So don't be square be fair!

March 26, 2011

Facebook, Damaging Teens Grammar And Spelling Daily

When Facebook came out in 2004 it spread around the world fast. Everybody started joining. Although Mark Zuckerburg's target audience for Facebook was college students, it soon spread to teens, adults and some older people. Many teens are signed up for Facebook and constantly check their facebook five or six times a day. We also tend to write with horrible grammar usage. I for one am guilty of doing this. Teens like to make things short and snappy because were lazy. Any teen that does this will receive negative effects from this repetitive habit such as getting bad grades in school because you spell school as skool or instead of you, yuh. Although this odd habit is easy to reverse you become more attached to these ways if you join facebook at young age and begin your earlier life by using bad grammar and spelling usage. 

The youngest age group I know of that has a Facebook are the age of 11. (fifth grade) That's nuts! If the newer generation of kids are growing up with this kind of technology at their fingertips how will they grow up?

Many kids argument to this is " I can control this" and "It won't effect me at school at all" or "It's just Facebook" However, in a study of thirty teenagers, the average time spent on Facebook per weekend was 11 hours. In addition, the human brain has been proven to remember and repeat whatever it looks at or does often. That's why you can remember your Facebook password better than what your learning in math.

This popular trend doesn't only effect your brain and schoolwork but it also gives leaves a bad impression to people that don't know you too well. People will  think,your stupid and you can't spell. The worst part about this is that people's assumptions are usually wrong. You don't want people thinking your something your not or, not capable of doing something that you  can do.

 Kids and Teens all over the world have this spelling and grammar problem. If this trend doesn't come to an end soon our new generation will be filled with people who just don't know how spell.

March 25, 2011

36 Of The Funniest Words In The English Language

Hey Readers,!
My sister and I were hanging out yesterday, watching some TV when the M&M commercial comes on. You know, the one where the he says" you are what you eat" then the other guys says" Imagine that, you are what you eat--- what a bunch of malarkey.( To see the video click here ) That got us thinking, what are some of the funniest words in the English Language?

1.Argle-bargle - A loud row or quarrel
2.Allegator - Some who alleges
3.Bouffant-A puffed-out woman’s hair do, popular in the 1950’s.
4. Booger- Yellow and or green substance
5.Canoodle - To hug and kiss
6.Crapulence - Discomfort from eating or drinking too much
7.Collop - A slice of meat or fold of flab
8.Discombobulate - To confuse
9.Donnybrook - An melee, a riot
10.Eructation - A burp, belch
11.Fart- Human made gas
12.Gardyloo! - A warning shouted before throwing water from above
13.Gonzo - Far-out journalism
14.Hoosegow - A jail or prison
15.Hootenanny - A country or folk music get-together
16.Jackanapes - A rapscallion, hooligan
17.Klutz - An awkward, stupid person
18. Knickerbockers- Who knows ?
19. Lollygag-To move slowly, fall behind
20.Lickety-split - As fast as possible

21.Malarkey - Nonsense, balderdash
22.Mugwump - An independent politician who does not follow any party
23.Nincompoop - A foolish person
24.Oocephalus - An egghead
25.Pandiculation - A full body stretch
26.Quean - A disreputable woman
27.Rambunctious - Aggressive, hard to control
28. Rainvorus - Frog-eating
29.Shenanigan - A prank, mischief
30.Slangwhanger - A loud abusive speaker or obnoxious writer
31.Snool - A servile person

32.Tatterdemalion - A child in rags
33.Unremacadamized - Having not been repaved with macadam
34.Vomitory - An exit or outlet

35.Wabbit - Exhausted, tired, worn out
36.Yahoo - A rube, a country bumpkin
Have fun using these on your friends because believe me these always come in handy!

March 24, 2011

And So, The Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb.

Last weekend I finally decided to read Twilight, due to my curiosity about what all the commotion was about with this series of books by Stephanie Meyer.

The story begins when Bella leaves warm, sunny Arizona for gloomy, depressing Forks, Washington. At first she doesn’t think she'll like it until, she goes to lunch and finds a boy a few tables behind her, Edward Cullen. Edwards stunningly beautiful and yet, an outsider. At first Edward stays away from Bella, but eventually they create an unlikely friendship. Though Bella falls completely in love with Edward, she still can't figure out what makes him so odd to others. When Bella goes to the beach she hears the local legend of the "cold ones" Blood-drinkers that are not allowed on Indian land because they cannot be trusted. It doesn’t take her too long to put the pieces together. Though she knows Edward's a vampire she also know she still loves him. Even if he's not human

Twilight is a story about Bella and Edward romance. In amazement, Twilight does NOT follow the same stereotypical storyline as most Vampire stories. Movies and TV shows have all led us to believe that Vampires are supposed to be scary, heartless, cold-blooded creatures but Twilight shows such a new outlook on Vampire love.

The story is written in first person and told from the perspective of Bella. The readers only know what she knows which makes you even more eager to understand and read more about Edward and the Cullen Family. The character of Bella is by far more realistic and developed then I thought she'd be. Her clumsiness and shy personality truly make the book come alive.

The interesting part of this story is that the love between Bella and Edward isn't like many others. Their each other’s missing puzzle piece and they balance each other’s personalities flawlessly. They accept the fact that their falling in love and embrace it, even though they know this isn't how things are supposed to be.

All in all, Twilight was beyond amazing and had interesting storyline that always kept you on your toes. If you want a new view on a love story read Twilight. 

March 22, 2011

Dear Little White Fur ball, I Love You

Dear Little White Fur Ball
Your as cute as can be!
You laugh at my jokes and pretend like their funny.
You lay at my feet
 every night
And make me feel safe
You come next to me when I cry
Look in my eyes
Lick me
And I know it ‘ll be alright

I rub your tummy
In circles round and round.
I feed you and sometimes let you out
You’re my baby dog and I’ll always love you.
I love you little white fur ball
Even if you poo

This poem was inspired by my little dog Daisey, for whom without her I couldn't have wrote this.

I love you Daisey!

March 16, 2011

Stereotypes Of A Girl

Have you ever been in gym class, playing basketball with boys when suddenly, they pass the ball to boys. Then boys score. Then, boys win. Why is that? Stereotypes.

Girls are supposed to be weak, sweet, smart, always happy, always do the cooking for their families and never want to get messy or dirty. This stereotype about girls has been around since the beggining of the time and I'd like to be one of the first to say that this sterotype puts loads of pressure on girls, especially the girls that are the exeption to this stereotype. In my opinon, being a girl means that your suppose to have good manners and never want to get messy and always look your prettiest. But the truth of the matter is, some girls aren't. Some girls pick their clothes by the comfort level (geez!, imagine that!) and some even like to play sports...with guys!

In seventh grade all girls are pressured by each other. Girls are pressured to be skinny, to diet and even to do things like bully people to be funny and fit in. Girls might not verbally tell you what your suppose to be like and look like as a seventh grade girl, but if your not a stereotype you might as well be called an outsider. It definetly takes some guts to be the exeption to the rule. Because girls that are the exeption make their own choices, and wear what makes them happy, and do what they like to do. Not what people expect of them to do.

Girls all over the world have high expectation set for them. Wheather it's from parents, teachers or even other classmates. Just because your a girl your expected to be this and that. But what men really have to get through their thick skulls is that women are all different. Physically and mentally. Some are artistic some are amazing singers some are amazing athletes and some are simply unique. We are all different human beings, that should not be stereotyped for something that only applies for only a small percent of the women population. To all the men in the world, the next time your playing basketball with some girls, pass her the ball, give her a chance because actions speak louder then sterotypes.

Handy Dandy Designs

Hi Readers, 
As some of you may know, I'm a total nail polish FANATIC! I have a very creative edge to my personality and as a result I constantly love to come up with new ideas and patterns. Today, I'm going to give you a tutorial on how to do three types of groovy nail designs. Tie Dye, Smiley Face and Cheetah Print.

Tie-Dye- This design is a fun look, especially in the Summer. It makes you feel fearless!  Here's the things you need to get this look! red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple nail polish, and a toothpick.

1. First, use a red nail polish and draw a dot in the bottom right corner of your nail
2. Next, draw a curved line around that red dot.
3. Continuously do that with the other colors of the rainbow.(Green, Blue, Purple)
 4. Lastly, use a toothpick to spread the colors in straight lines starting the right side of your nail.
* If you want your tie dye to be a bit brighter add some sparkle nail polish over it.

Smiley face- This look is great for whenever you need to get happy. This design is very simple and easy to do. The only things you'll need is yellow nail polish, a black nail art brush and a toothpick.

1. First, paint all your nails yellow.
2. Then, dip your toothpick in black nail polish and add dots for the eyes.
3. Next, make a curved line for the smile.
4. Finally, to make a smoother surface add clear polish on top when your nails are dry.

Cheetah Print-
This look is fun for whenever. It's definetly fun walking around town with Cheetah Print on your nails! To get this look you'll need pink nail polish, black and white nail art brush and clear nail polish.

1. First, paint all your nails pink or whatever base coat you want.
2. Next, use a black nail art brush to make lots of cheetah prints on your nails. To make a cheetah print, you'll want to make lots of full circles, half circles and some random lines surrounding them.
3. After, use some clear polish to make your nails nice and smooth!

I hope this gave you some brand- new nail designs to try at home!
Happy Reading!

March 15, 2011

The Other Side Of The Economic Spectrum.

Bill Gates and Donald Trump are just two of the wealthiest men in the world. They both make around $44 Million yearly. Do wealthy people have a better life? Can money buy happiness? Wealthy people have popularity and many more opportunities in life than an "average Joe". But I'd bet that many wealthy people don't get that same sense of pride that many middle class and lower class get when they save up for something they really worked hard for, and finally accomplish buying it. Celebrities or incredibly wealthy people can buy everything from Prada bags to four flat screen TV's and that still wouldn't be what they truly wanted out of life because, they haven't learned the true meaning of happiness.

Happiness. The quality or state of being happy. In the dictionary this is the specific definition of the word happiness. Never the less there are countless definitions of the word happiness. My definition of happiness is "the state of being in a community of people who love you". Also known as family. Sure, family can drive you insane sometimes. But the truth of the matter is that family will always be there for you. No matter what you need, or what time you need it at. They'll be there.

On the other side of the spectrum, about 500,000 children in Illinois lived in poverty in 2008. That means about 1 in 5 Illinois kids are living in poverty. Poverty not only effects the next generation, but also young children that will eventually develop as a young adults. According to the Huffington Post "One mother says that it's very difficult to pay for utilities and rent. She's unsure how she will make it through the high gas prices. Her older daughter takes the CTA bus daily, for school. She often goes to school without lunch money."This happens daily. Although many people struggle in these harsh times, when the poverty level is off the charts. They may not have Prada bags, but they do have one thing that most wealthy people don't have. A mutual family relashionship. Which means that everybody helps each other because their all uniting to achieve one common goal. Getting through poverty.

March 13, 2011

Beastly-Movie Review

"Beastly" is a new kind of a teen romance. Unlike others such as Easy A or 17 Again, it carries a message/lesson throughtout the movie that a viewer like me interprets as learning how to see past someone's looks on the outside,and view their inner beauty.

This movie is about a young man named Kyle (Alex Pettyfer), who has it all-looks, popularity, wealth and opportunity. He's the type of person who thinks the world revolves around him and can't turn a corner without looking at himself. When he invites a Goth classmate of his that him and his friends look down on as a "social reject" to a green "eco friendly" party for school. He blows her off and humiliates her. She then gets even by casting a spell on him, that physically reflects his personality and how he acts to others onto his body. Disturbed by his looks, Kyle's father sends him to Brooklyn with a housekeeper and a blind tutor. Kyle then encounters a drug addicts daughter whom he's encountered in school before,Kendra (Vanessa Hudgens). Although he dosen't know her too well yet. He gets caught in a situation where he offers to take her as a houseguest and promises her safety to her father. Kyle begins to become inspired by Kendra and begins slowly falling in love, in this re-telling classic of the "Beauty And The Beast."

Overall I give the movie 5 stars ★★★★★( 1 star being the worst, 5 being the best.) Although I'm a sucker for cheesy romance movies this one in particular caught my eye because of how realistic this situation is. After the movie, I found myself thinking about how much I could relate to this. No, not because I'm in love but because being a teen, I've met a fair share of people who are vain and cruel and have the ego the size of a watermelon but I also understand that most the time it's because they have some other insecurity behind their huge ego. If your up for a warm-hearted film about love, change and a new perspective on a love story, go see Beastly. 

March 12, 2011

I Wanna Be Apart Of Something I Don't Know

This lyric from the Miley Cyrus song, Can't Be Tamed may seem pretty innocent. But to many teens this is very real. Many teens want to be apart of smoking or doing drugs but they really don't know what there getting themselves into. Every day teens are faced with decisions, such as drugs, alcohol and choosing whether or not to take part in these harmful activities.

Many teens think, "whatever if I drink once it won't really matter."  But the truth is, scientists have done research and found that if teens drink while still under the legal drinking age, their drinking will cause horrible brain effects. Some possible brain effects are a greater difficulty memorizing. When alcohol is abused, it becomes a depressant, in which it slows down the central nervous system. So, if your an athletic person, drinking isn't the best option considering that for most sports you need a lot a balance, good vision and fast reaction time. If you drink, your mind will begin to change and you'll  have no control of your vision, hearing and emotions.

So what if your not a jock? Could drinking really do much harm? YES! If you have a passion for writing and you drink underage, you won't be able to think straight and you'll be completely confused while trying to do thing you love. It won't help you in the long-run either. Drinking can kill all your hopes and dream. Literally.

Smoking isn't much better either. Teens seem to enjoy smoking better than drinking because the effects can't be noticed physically, unlike drinking alcohol wear you can tell if someone's tipsy. The disturbing, but true fact proved by scientist say about 8O% of adult smokers started smoking as teenagers.

The biggest problem teens don't realize is how much impact smoking has on their insides. Lung Cancer is smoking's best friend. They go hand in hand. If lung cancer's not enough you can get mouth, heart, brain, skin, pancreas, stomach and about 100 more cancers from this nasty habit.

To any teen who has friends that smoke, think about what you'll tell your friends the next time they light up.

March 11, 2011

Fabulous Fads

Hi Readers,
So today while picking up my room so I could at least see the floor, I found the coolest thing! Sillly Bandz! Hahah I'm pretty sure everyone remembers the Sillly Bandz. Craziness! That was definetly one of the huggeeeest fads of 2010. From generation to generation, fads change, and what's cool now will change with the next generation. Here are some of the most popular fads of this year:

1. Giant Sunglasses- Yay!
Personally, I love giant sunglasses. They make you feel bold and unique. Plus, they're adorable for sunshine in the summertime! You can use your rockin' sunglasses to do anything from walking the dog to getting some ice cream with friends. Giant sunglasses are a deff. yay!
2. The Snuggie- Nay!
Alright, I have to admit The Snuggie is pretty cool, especially with its cool designs (especially the zebra pattern). But honostly, I own a Snuggie, and I know for a fact that if I was stuck in the middle of Antarctica with some penguins, the Snuggie would NOT keep me warm at all. Why would you expect it to anyway -- the backside's open! It's like wearing clothes with only a front side to them. Eventually, your backside would get cold.

3. Uggs- Yay!
Uggs are definitely a yay! Uggs Australia has done a great job at making its products popular with not only teenagers, but young children, elders and middle-aged people, male and female. I do have a pair of Uggs, and I absolutely adore them! Who wouldn't love boots with warm fur in them?

4. Vampire movies, shows, etc.- Nay!
Vampire movies have been becoming extremely popular, especially since the Twilight series, but really, all the movies and so utterly dramatic shows seem the same to me. I don't see the heated romances as being entertaining.

5. Texting- Yay!
Obviously, more people have been texting because of its convienance. I am for sure a fan of texting, because, the way I see it, technology keeps advancing, and if you don't move along with it, you'll be left behind.

6. Ripped Jeans- Yay!
I perfer semi-ripped jeans, because I think sometimes they can be nice, depending on the rip. (I know I sound completly cheesy :-).) Ripped Jeans, I believe, can be made appropriate and still have little rips in them.

7. Twitter- Nay!
Unless you're a celebrity, Twitter is pointless. Nobody really cares if you're making yourself a sandwich or going for a stroll down Pointless Lane.

8. Movies in 3D- Nay!
Oh boy, I remember when every once in a while movies would come out in 3D. Now every other movie is in 3D. I mean WTH? Some movies, I do agree, are great in 3D, and others are just pointless. I don't think the $2 more that you have to pay at the movies is worth it at all.

9. Justin Bieber- Nay!
I'll admit Justin Bieber looks like a cool dude, but I really just am not that into his music. I think his only target auidence is teen girls, which he obviously has the attention of.
Maybe if he stretched his target auidence, he'd have more fans.

10. Jeggings - Yay!
Jeggings are a mixture of jeans and leggings. I have not tried them yet, but I totally would be up for it. People have said it's got the comfort of leggings and the apperance of jeans. Yay!!! for jeggings.

Hope this was The Cherry on Top of Your Day!

March 10, 2011

Playlist- 11 Songs To Put A Pep, In Your Step!

Music is a powerful thing. It can make you wanna say "Yeah Yeah Yeah," or it can make you want to JUST DANCE! With the right music a bad day can be turned around when I need some motivation or just need to get happy, I listen to these songs.

1. Pocket full Of Sunshine- Natasha Bedingfield
This catchy song inspires me to have a good attitude.

2. Just Dance- Lady Gaga
"Just dance [it's] gonna be ok."

3.  Shake It- Metro Station
 It makes me wanna just Shake Shake Shake Shake shh-shake It !

4. Good Girls Go Bad- Cobra Starship
It makes you wanna party all night with some girlfriends.

5. Pump It- Black Eyed Peas
This song will make you wanna Pump it.. LOUDER!

6. We Are The Champions-Queen
It makes you feel like a...CHAMPION!

7. Misery Business- Paramore
This song makes you feel like rockin' out !

8. Tik-Tok- KE$HA
This song reminds me that sometimes you have to just let go, and have a good time.

9. Born This Way- Lady Gaga
Don't care what people think of you. Be yourself. You were born that way baaaby!

10. More- Usher
Do your own thing;do what you love.

11. We Are Who We Are- Ke$ha
You are who you are. Get used to it :)

Welcome To My Blog!

As a thirteen year old, many adults don't ask or for that matter even care about teenagers opinons on things so I'd like to allow myself to be able to state my opinons on topics wheather it's a review on the new Black Eyed Peas album or about my outlook on Chicago's curfew.

My goal is to also share not only opinon but random topics that you can read for enjoyment.

The title of my blog is not only inspiried by one of my friends Jen, but also to show that the fun things in life are just the cherry on top and that's exactly what my blogs going to be about.

Happy Reading!