March 27, 2011

I Didn't Believe It Would Happen Either...

Admitting your wrong is never fun but I have to say I was wrong. In some of my earlier post I wrote that I wasn't a big fan of Vampires movies, Twilight in particular. I thought they were dull and boring when really, I had only saw two of the movies (Twilight and New Moon) and I didn't really pay attention or understand the concept of them because I didn't care. After reading Twilight and New Moon and hopefully soon Eclipse and Breaking Dawn I fell in love with the storyline. It's more than a film about a bunch of bloodsuckers it's about seeing people for who they truly are. In this series two of the closest people to Bella are not human. One is a vampire another is a werewolf. They are truly different but share one common factor, their both in love with Bella. Though Werewolves and Vampires are enemies their love for Bella is stronger than hatred which is truly inspiring. This series is NOTHING like I thought it would be. It's not just about Vampires or Werewolves it's about truly loving somebody no matter what they are. It's about making choices and living with them. It's about loving somebody up to the point where you don't care what happens to you all you care about is protecting them, and doing anything humanly possible to make them happy.

When I was around nine or ten I tried my first ribs meal. I was at a gathering with my family to celebrate a birthday. My Dad cooked ribs for everybody. They looked so gross to me, though everyone else seemed to love them. I was sitting next to my cousin while he was chopping on the ribs. Staring at his facial expressions because for those few seconds he was eating, he looked like he was in heaven. When he asked me why I wasn't eating any I told him they looked pretty nasty. He couldn't believe it. Neither could my Dad. Eventually, they convinced me to eat one and I'd bet I looked just like my cousin. To this day I still like ribs and my dad makes them every once in a while. If I wouldn't have judged something I knew so little about I would've been introduced to mouth watering ribs a long time ago. I now realize how much I was missing out on.

That moment remind me of the saying "Never judge a book by it's cover" because wheather you judge food, people, objects or even a book series that doesn't change the fact that you'll always be missing out on something. You could miss out on finding one of your true passions in life like art because you judge. You could miss out on meeting the love of your life because you judge. Judging is like walking in an circle. A circles round and when you judge somebody you don't allow yourself to be try something new so your life becomes a circle. You walk in circles, round and round. you do things, eat food and be around people you like. That lifestyle of somebody who judges everything around them is not what I'd consider a "good life."

 People who don't judge are squares. They walk in the same direction doing what they enjoy until, the get to the vertex of the square. That vertex makes the path of the square change direction. Though the square may not like whatever they try they still allow themselves the opportunity to try something new. Their life continues without judging things and allowing themselves every opportunity life has to offer. This simile remind me of the popular saying " Be there or be square." This quote is just another was of saying someones unhip or "not with it."

Were all guilty of judging somebody in one way or another wheather it's from their appearance or for the decisions they make no matter what it is, it's wrong. A straight forward definition of judging is forming an opinion or conclusion about someone or something without knowing it well enough to draw realistic conclusions. So don't be square be fair!


  1. Twilight is the good stuff, I'm telling you. People are very anti-Twilight because of its popularity. But seriously,can all those people be wrong? (No, no they are not.) lol I think the movies could have been done better, but i think the novels have great storylines. Even if there's nothing deep or novel about them, they made me gush enough to keep turning pages and buying more books. Meyer did something right!